Creative Framing & Gallery offers high-quality conservation framing for art, collectibles, photographs, needle art, and shadow boxes. We stock and have access to hundreds of frames and mat samples including all types of glazing so you can pick out a stunning framing package. Conservation-quality mats are used exclusively in our framing packages…no acidic materials are used.  Print texturing has become very popular and we offer this service. The textured print is mounted to foam core and then it is mounted to a stiff, hard board, giving it the look and feel of canvas. No mats or glass is used in this type of framing therefore making the framed package lighter and less expensive. We offer texturing in matte, semi-gloss, and gloss finishes, also with Ultra-Violet protection. This process is not recommended for original, limited edition, or any print that may go up in value or cannot be replaced because it would not be in its original state anymore.

Being located out of town may be inconvenient for some of you to come to our shop, so we offer free pick-up and delivery in Perry and surrounding counties. Give us a call and set up an appointment.  We will bring samples of frames and mats and meet you at your home, office or any location you prefer so you can pick out your framing package. After your framing package is complete we will return it to you. There is no extra charge for this service.

All art picked up or brought to our shop will be handled in a way not to damage it. It will be stored in a protective sleeve and placed in a flat file drawer in a climate controlled room until we frame it. When your order is ready, we will package your frame in a clear plastic bag so you can see the framing without unpacking it until you are ready to hang it. We keep many different frames and mats in stock so we can have your order ready in as short of a time as possible. If you pick out something not in stock, we pick up from our supplier often as this saves on shipping, therefor keeping the price down for you. If you need something quick, we will work with you to get it ready in a timely manner. From time-to-time a frame or mat may be discontinued without our knowledge, or it may be on backorder from our supplier. In either case, we will notify you and if backordered we can give you an approximate date that our supplier will have it. You can change the frame or mat or you may want to drop the order completely. If you chose to drop the order, any deposit will be refunded to you.

All framing packages are complete with dust cover on the back, nylon coated stainless steel wire attached with D hangers and screws that are rated for more than the weight of the frame. If you need a different type of hanger just let us know. We also provide hangers with each frame for the wall. Wall hangers should be installed in solid wood such as a 2x4 to support the weight of the frame. Bumpers are placed on the two bottom corners to hold the frame off the wall. This allows air circulation behind the frame and helps prevent dust lines on the wall. Frames are cut 1/8” larger than the size ordered to allow for the materials, including glass, to expand due to humidity changes. If you have any questions, give us a call!